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The USA plans to extend visa validity for Kazakhstani citizens to 10 years


According to Ambassador George A. Krol, the two countries are in a strategic partnership to achieve the same goals – to promote peace, security, economic prosperity and non-proliferation of mass destruction weapon. “The people-to-people ties between the countries grow stronger even outside the governments,” Ambassador said.

“The number of Kazakhstani citizens visiting the US is constantly growing. Currently we issue visas valid for 5 years, and we are willing to extend this term,” he added. According to Ambassador, the US and Kazakhstani governments are ready to work toward issuing 10-year business and tourist visas for Kazakhstani citizens. This process will take several months to achieve.

Ambassador Krol commended Kazakhstan for its leadership on nuclear disarmament, efforts to join the WTO, international cooperation in the sphere of education and the positive role the country plays both within and outside the region. “Situated at the crossroads of East and West, Kazakhstan plays a vital role in linking western and eastern economies. Here our governments see eye to eye, for we have supported each other in building connections in the region, trade routes diversification, stimulating cross-border and customs cooperation in the region as well as common use of water resources,” Ambassador  remarked.

In addition to that he said that “as the economy of the country gets more diversified, Kazakhstan seeks not only to develop its energy sector, but to build its infrastructure as well”, and there’s “a potential for even greater interaction of American companies with Kazakhstani partners and larger investment in agriculture, manufacturing and processing industries”.

Previously it was announced that over a thousand Kazakhstanis residing outside the Republic received the US visas in 2014. According to Ian Turner, Head of the Consular Section of the US Consulate General in Kazakhstan, this way of obtaining permission for a trip to the USA might be particularly convenient for students taking preparation courses in the UK and applying for American universities.

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