Château Mukhrani

Château Mukhrani is based on the historical tradition of wine-making in Mukhrani region.

This is the first and the only true Georgian Royal Chateau, which unites four key components: vineyards, winery, castle and history. In 1512 Mukhrani became the prince’s estate, governed by Bagrationi royal family. Mukhranian wine production was established by Ivane Mukhranbatoni a famous representative of royal family, political and public figure of the 19th century. In 1876, Ivane Mukhranbatoni returned from France with Chateau concept knowledge and since then the history of Château Mukhani’s winemaking starts.

Château Mukhrani is one of the must-visit venues to get a fascinating insight into the traditions and secrets of Georgian wine-making, blended with remarkable stories about the Georgian royal family.
Fabulous castle and cellars, wonderful gardens and vineyards made Chateau Mukhrani world-renowned.
We invite you to discover the Georgian royal family history and breath-taking legends, a flavor of antiquity and enchanting wines.

Château Mukhrani offers the planning and organization of various kinds of events: celebrations, weddings, conferences, workshops, etc. If you are searching for an extraordinary place for your event, Château Mukhrani is the place to be.
Our team will provide you with the organization of various events of different scale and style:
• Corporate events
• MICE events
• Weddings
• Jubilees
• Team-Building events
• Conferences/workshops/seminars
• New product promotion
• VIP events

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